About Me: Stuart Johnson

Hello readers,

My name is Stuart Johnson. I am a senior at the University of Maryland pursuing my degree in Communications. I transferred here after my second semester at the number on ranked community college, Anne Arundel Community College where i received my associates degree. When i transferred here i was unaware of the field of study i wanted to pursue but i had an end goal. I knew that i wanted to open a motorcycle mechanic shop after i graduated so I completed a few entrepreneurship, accounting, and management classes to strengthen my skills in the needed areas of a business startup. I decided to pursue a communication major with a business minor to have the best of both worlds.

Since being in the communication major I have came to realize that there is much much more to communication than simply humans talking to humans. The phenomenon includes concepts such as body language and media interactions. Almost everything in this day and age is done electronically. It is more productive and time efficient as we can send information almost instantaneously. What worries me is how easily it is for the government to look into almost everything we do on our computers, even in the privacy of our own homes.

The purpose of this blog is to make readers more aware of the ever opposing threat that hangs above, which is our big brother government. Be careful how you surf the web, you just might have someone watching over you now.



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