About Me: Edward Madden

Hello all, my name is Eddie Madden I am currently in my last year at UMD majoring in Communications. I have lived in Maryland my whole life, growing up in Silver Spring about twenty minutes away from campus. I love to play sports, do anything outside, read, do hoodrat things with my friends, and all the other stuff the average college kid enjoys. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my degree after school and instead plan on doing some traveling and probably teaching English in a foreign country such as Thailand.
Growing up in an era where the internet’s power is expanding everyday, especially politically, giving voices to those who couldn’t be heard before, it is important to understand the internet and how it works. Currently there are many misconceptions regarding security on the web and the average person, including myself, probably doesn’t understand the details surrounding their internet privacy. With misleading public beliefs such as that “incognito” pages block everyone from seeing what you’re doing, deleted pictures/texts can never be found, and snapchats truly disappear after they are opened, citizens deserve the right to know what’s truly happening on the web. Using the internet everyday myself, to complete probably every assignment I do, I realize how much information I am putting into my computer and how it probably knows a lot more about me than I think it does. We are living in a time where laws and arguments surrounding internet privacy are going to become more frequent, considering how vague and ambiguous current laws surrounding the web are, and therefore now is the best time to delve into the topic and educate myself and others for our safety. I hope this blog can better inform people about how their actions online can have serious consequences and how their privacy may not be protected as they believe it is.


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