About Me: Matthew Medford

Hello followers,

My name is Matthew Medford and I am here today to allow you to get to know me. Currently a senior at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), I spend a lot of time attempting to figure out what I want to pursue for a career. In my leftover time I enjoy reading, exercising, and traveling as much as possible. A little over a month ago I was touring the west coast of Puerto Rico to find the best surf spots during Tropical Storm Erika.

On my academic side, I am a communications major studying the history and theories of communications along the way. Nowadays a lot of communication is done on the internet and practically all research, especially by me, is done through a search engine. Our government possesses the ability to see all of our searches throughout our entire lives on our computers. Whether you are searching things you may not want others to see, or doing no wrong at all, this is a scary fact. This topic not only effects me, but it effects every person in this country who has turned to a search engine to research, find a gaming site, or anything of the sorts. It is for my own, as well as every one else’s protection that I seek reformation of our legislature allowing the government to unveil such information with ease.



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