Purpose and Position

All social media sites have their foundations primarily in user-generated content. That being said, it becomes difficult for users to grasp the concept of their personal data being mined by potentially hackers, governmental agencies, or skilled IT persons for a number of various reasons. If you are consistently searching a phrase that has been flagged recently by the NSA for suspicious internet activity, per se, after a event that aligns with a threat to national security, you have a likely chance of being monitored for you search history.

Protecting your history is more than just a movement or hash tag, it is about not letting your privacy get violated on the most fundamental level, where all your accounts/files can be accessed and used against you in a manner of ways. For example, people who download larger amounts of pirated content frequently are watched under the FBI because of copyright infringement laws, this, leads to a “Big Brotheresque’ environment where citizens feel the weary eyes of the government watching over them. In an attempt to help protect our followers and citizens alike, we will be informing them on the various methods used to mine data, and avoid leaving trails of metadata that can accessed at later dates. Thank you and help spread and support the #protectyourhistory movement.

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