Post on Facebook to share with friends… And the rest of the world

Not that long ago, social media wasn’t as nearly as possible as what it was today. You couldn’t find your mom, dad, grandma, and little sister on Facebook. It just wasn’t as popular as it was today. Now, millions of apps and programs have you simply “sign in with Facebook”. This is great for users, making it simple to create accounts on various Web 2.0 sites. However, this signup through an online platform has not on public benefits to its users, but benefits for the platform itself.

Most users this day and age are conscious about what they search and what activity they engage in on the Internet. This is because computers are susceptible to bugs and viruses from websites infected with them, and more importantly, the government having access to all files opened, shared, and saved that users have ever accessed. What people don’t think about is how the social media platforms we are so accustomed to sharing our most cherished moments and life events on we neglect to consider.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and even the beloved Google all take users topics of interests and sell them to companies looking to advertise through them. It’s the perfect deal, platforms get money for advertisers and advertisers have inside access to the publics interests in almost real time. I know you have all seen the banner ads on the side of your Facebook page that just so happened to be that cool product you were just looking up that you weren’t so sure you wanted to buy.Below I have attached a TED talk regarding the lack of privacy from Google and Facebook

A lot of these online platforms offer options to turning off or minimizing data sharing but that only slightly reduces the relevance of the ads on your page. Sadly, the majority of Internet browsers including Google, Yahoo, Bing, deface your browsing privacy. There is no way to undo or delete what you have searched on the internet and many times it may not even be you on your own computer doing the searching. There are certain ways to hide your computer’s IP address by disguising it using certain web browsers but even then the data is randomly simply sent to someone else’s computer.


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