For Better or For Worse?

People tend to overreact to situations involving their privacy quite often. Take the Facebook fake posts where people will copy and paste a made up paragraph about how their pictures and statuses will be used unless they share this post for example. Sharing this post isn’t going to stop Facebook from using your pictures and it may make you look a little foolish in front of your peers but it proves a point- privacy is a big deal. While your computer is your computer and what you search is private, government run organizations like the NSA tend to disagree. Former United States Attorney general Alberto Gonzales believes that these organizations need all the tools possible to protect Americans. He mentions sufficient checks to balance out the use of these tools to justify the spying performed by these organizations.

Here is an example tosherlock help portray the gravity of this situation. High School Sophomore John Smith was assigned a project on Al Qaeda in class and has to include a twenty source annotated bibliography for this assignment. This research sparks interest from the NSA, causing innocent John to be high on their radar for the rest of his life because of a project. He now, probably unknowingly, has everything he searches recorded and texts saved into a computer that sifts the texts for key words that could link John to Al Qaeda. Spying on John is not a necessary or effective use of our government’s resources and our tax dollars.

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo shares a similar belief as Alberto Gonzales. Funny how two people in similar positions agree with each other when there is so much controversy with the topic, isn’t it? The spying on our people through our search histories and social media accounts is not a justifiable use of our hard earned money spent by the government.


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