Why We Need the NSA…

“It’s time we all came to our senses about the NSA,” former Deputy Director of the CIA, John McLaughlin states. McLaughlin argues that the NSA’s ability to tap into people’s phones and computers is the backbone to every government run agency and the country’s protection. He goes on to discuss how important the NSA is to our country and for finding initial information that may lead other agencies to find terrorists or break up plots of terrorism. McLaughlin calls out Americans’ funny sense of lack of privacy due to the NSA while other private companies do the exact same thing but sell our information.

DEPUTY-CIA-DIRECTOR-JOHN-MCLAUGHLIN-RESPONDS-TO-SENATE-INTELLIGENCE-REPORTThis is the point, if one agency can do it without regulation, then so can hundreds of privately owned organizations who will take your info and sell it to marketing companies and advertising agencies. How are we supposed to feel any sense of privacy if these private agencies can simply find out everything we’ve ever searched online or bought. McLaughlin, former Deputy Director of the CIA, should know this better than anyone else. Does he feel safe knowing that his information is spread on computers all over the world? I know that I sure don’t.

Why should people get to know everything that I’m searching when someone could easily search something n my computer and I wouldn’t ever find out about it? The government should be able to know if I am exhibiting sketchy behavior, but these private organizations should certainly not.

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