You Have Arrived at Your Destination

The risks we take every time we go online and generate our own content can be overlooked during the present moment. By creating a vision to help spread public awareness on how to protect your own user-generated content from prying eyes, whether it be governmental or hackers, the reality becomes apparent to why this is something that needs to be stressed and highly advocated for. Removing oneself from the scrutiny of surveillance is a daunting task was broken down into a number of different mechanisms that ultimately help protect users of the web.privacy-info-protect-ts-100539744-carousel.idge From sharing a number of ways to protect yourself while browsing, from using a VPN app on your phone all the way to using a TOR on your computer, hiding your IP address is one of the best current methods users have in protecting their data. There are numerous search engines available which block your IP address. Without taking these steps, web users risk having their private and personal information infringed upon by third parties. Information that is viewed by users on the average website is stored and sent to data mining companies, and other parties of interest, so these companies can learn more about citizens and further profit off them. By taking the necessary steps, such as hiding your IP address, web users reduce the chances of third parties being able to access their information.

(conclusion,) We are living in a rapidly evolving society where the role of technology and social media use increases everyday. It is almost impossible to function in today’s world without using the internet yet most people don’t understand the associated risks with using the web. Spreading awareness and educating the public of the potential risks and cautions they should take when using the web is more important now than ever. We hope you use caution and protect yourself in the wild web.

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