NSA Surveillance

The NSA has been spearheading the internal spying movement on American citizens for the sake of relishing the threat of domestic terrorism. This kind of ‘Big Brotheresque‘ oversight must be stopped on the sheer merit of how it undermines the fundamental privacy rights of the public under the fourth Amendment, because it is IllEGAL SEIZURES… Continue reading NSA Surveillance

Spygate… Target Acquired, Target Destroyed

The app Spygate for the android platform is gaining ground for becoming one of the first apps to stop other user downloaded apps from spying on the person’s location and other data. It is responsible for stopping apps from sending user data without the consent of the individual. It is becoming a favorite among the… Continue reading Spygate… Target Acquired, Target Destroyed

Data Mining in US Presidential Election Campaign

What better way for presidential candidates to appeal to their audiences interests than to know exactly what they are interested in? For decades campaign managers and their teams have used internet users browsing histories to fine tune their election campaigns. Big data has become one of the most influential sources for advertisers due to its… Continue reading Data Mining in US Presidential Election Campaign