Prism, a Surveillance Prison

The government program PRISM which was introduced in 2007, is a surveillance program which collects data from U.S. internet companies in an attempt to better protect national security. Skype, until it was bought by Microsoft in 2011, worked with PRISM to give the government data of many people who had no idea this was happening.… Continue reading Prism, a Surveillance Prison

Adblock for the Win!

You are protected on your laptop when you surf the web, but what about your phone? People rely heavily on our handheld devices capacity for internet browsing, which is more reason to download AdBlock, the app that allows people to still keep their token of authenticity on their mobile device, while stopping ads and pop-ups, all… Continue reading Adblock for the Win!

What is Raining from the iCloud?

Apple says the methods that they use to protect user generated data is safe and very reliable. The real question becomes if the METHODS used for ENCRYPTION are strong enough to keep prying eyes out of your personal data? Through bypassing the servers, hackers were able to retrieve countless photos of high-profiled celebrities. Think twice before you… Continue reading What is Raining from the iCloud?

Your New Permanent Record?

Sarah A. Downey  wrote an interesting article about your “new” permanent record. Because newspapers publish the story of one’s arrest online for everyone to see, it does not simply disappear, no matter if you were found guilty or not. She uses the example of a person’s record being legally expunged, yet if you google the… Continue reading Your New Permanent Record?