Why We Need the NSA…

“It’s time we all came to our senses about the NSA,” former Deputy Director of the CIA, John McLaughlin states. McLaughlin argues that the NSA’s ability to tap into people’s phones and computers is the backbone to every government run agency and the country’s protection. He goes on to discuss how important the NSA is… Continue reading Why We Need the NSA…

The Truth About Private Browsing

Ever since the start up of PRISM, an Internet surveillance program under the jurisdiction of the NSA, surfing the web anonymously has never been a concept of the internet. Users of the Internet know there is a “big brother” figure watching over them. This figure doesn’t even have to be monitoring you while you are doing the browsing because… Continue reading The Truth About Private Browsing

For Better or For Worse?

People tend to overreact to situations involving their privacy quite often. Take the Facebook fake posts where people will copy and paste a made up paragraph about how their pictures and statuses will be used unless they share this post for example. Sharing this post isn’t going to stop Facebook from using your pictures and… Continue reading For Better or For Worse?

The Data Mining Controversy: Dark Side of the Government

The age we live in relies heavily on the ease of communication and information. Part of that problem in and of itself lies within the fact that many of the social media sites revolve around accumulating user-generated content. The amount of data amassed from these sites has reached the point where you can Google search… Continue reading The Data Mining Controversy: Dark Side of the Government